An Introduction to Meal Planning

Get results, turn your clients into raving fans and increase revenue.

This book features six chapters of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned while building That Clean Life and offering meal planning as a service to thousands of customers. It is jam-packed full of simple and straight-forward advice on getting your clients to that “a-ha” moment, and making sure they never look back.

An Introduction to Meal Planning

Get results, turn your clients into raving fans and increase revenue.

An Introduction to Meal Planning

Get results, turn your clients into raving fans and increase revenue.

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Nicole osinga

Nicole Osinga

Registered Dietitian

I have always believed in the value of working with my clients to create meal plans. I wanted to go beyond evidenced-based recommendations and show my clients how to turn those recommendations into practicality. Meal planning can be daunting for many. However, this book breaks down the meal planning process into practical, easy-to-follow steps.

Lisa forman

Lisa Forman

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

This book not only outlines how to start meal planning, monitor programs and follow-up with clients but also provides you with the tools to do so. It breaks down each step from your first appointment with the client to the many follow-up steps, which matter the most. The book even helps you craft a sales pitch. This is a must read for all wellness professionals!

What's inside

All the knowledge we’ve acquired has been boiled down into a simple framework that you can apply in your own wellness business to change lives, turn your clients into raving fans and increase revenue.

Books meal planning phone

Turn clients into raving fans

Forget content marketing and sales funnels. A successful raving client is the most powerful sales and marketing tool you will ever have. This book will coach you on how to guide both your clients and business to all new heights.

Books meal planning framework

Our 6-step framework

We're sharing our powerful proven formula that will reveal how to offer meal planning as a service, create epic meal plans your clients will love and grow your business. This is a highly effective framework you can implement in your own practice right away.

Books meal planning strategy

Getting started strategy

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. That is why An Introduction to Meal Planning includes a strategy on how to get the ball rolling and let your community know about all you have to offer. We hope you are ready, because this is a game-changer!

Books meal planning sample

Sample meal plan

See our powerful framework in action! We’re taking things one step further by giving you a look at one of our most popular meal plans from That Clean Life. This will become a highly valuable resource for you when creating your own plans.

About the contributors


Abigail Hopkins


A Registered Nurse and Culinary Nutrition Expert on a mission to make the world a healthier, happier place through simple, fun and accessible food.


Ashley Savué

Customer Success Lead

A Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Chef passionate about using evidence-based nutrition to prove that healthy eating doesn't have to suck.

An Introduction to Meal Planning

Learn how to create epic meal plans that transform lives and incredible ways to grow your wellness business.