We make eating healthy simple and fun

So you can feel incredible in your own body, once and for all.

Story Time

Once upon a time...

There was a girl named Abigail. Like many girls, she fell victim to society telling her how she ought to look, and started feeling the need to diet and lose weight. She tried counting points, calories and macros. She tried the cabbage soup diet, juice cleanses and every new diet on the market. They all left her feeling tired, deprived, hungry, miserable and totally defeated.

Then one day, Abigail realized life was way too short and that she couldn’t spend one more precious day hating her own body. She set out to find a better way, and decided to start with cleaning up her mind, body and soul.

Instead of counting calories, Abigail started to count chemicals. She switched her focus from quantity to quality and from processed foods to whole foods.

And then something crazy happened...

Without dieting, the weight started to fall off effortlessly. But better yet – other things started to change in her life too. She was more inspired, creative and energetic. For the first time in her life, when her feet hit the floor in the morning she was raring to go. She felt good about herself and the world around her, all because she was now fuelling her body with the nutrients it needed to function at its best. Suddenly, eating healthy was about so much more than looking good in a pair of skinny jeans.

All this time she had been putting herself through hell with diets, restricting and over exercising, but the very simple answer had been right in front of her the entire time: eat whole foods and move your body.

They key thing that had kept Abigail motivated and inspired along the way was meal planning. She developed a habit of sitting down at the start of every week, mapping out her meals and doing some grocery shopping and prep. She learned that this was the best way to set herself up for success, keep her organized and looking and feeling her best.

But overtime, the recipes began to get old and uninspiring. Writing a plan, grocery list and prep guide every week became way too time consuming. She knew meal planning was they key to her success thus far, but her motivation was fleeting.

Luckily for Abigail, her husband Christopher had magical powers as a software developer and he had just the solution to automate the entire process.

Together at their kitchen table in their tiny one bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto, they built a meal planning platform and named it That Clean Life. The platform provided a constant flow of ridiculously delicious, healthy meal ideas and allowed them to build a meal plan that would automatically spit out the grocery list.

Suddenly, the process of eating healthy was simple and fun.

Abigail and Christopher quickly realized that there was a big demand for a product just like this. Not only could this tool change their lives, but it could help so many others. So, they put it out into the world on January 1, 2015.

In just a short time, That Clean Life has naturally evolved into a booming meal planning platform with a vibrant, supportive community of people who are actually excited to eat well. It has already helped thousands of people look and feel their best through real food. With hundreds of recipes and pre-made meal plans to meet a variety of dietary requirements, there is a never ending stream of inspiration and excitement. Eating healthy has never been so simple and fun.

In February 2016, the team introduced That Clean Life for Business — an additional layer on top of their existing platform with powerful new features to empower wellness professionals in building beautiful meal plans for their clients. Today, That Clean Life for Business is helping hundreds of wellness professionals help their clients achieve real results in a scalable way that will grow their businesses.

Abigail, Christopher and That Clean Life’s team truly believe they are creating something special. And the best part is that their story has only just begun.

The Squad

A small but mighty team 💪

We're on a serious mission to make eating healthy simple and fun. And we can't stop, won't stop until we do!


Abigail Hopkins


A Registered Nurse and Culinary Nutrition Expert getting people on the path to better health.


Christopher Hopkins


Internet Toolsmith. Spends most of the day typing.


LeChing Vuong

Recipe & Content Development

Registered Nurse and the scatterbrain behind Maude + Phyllis.


Ashley Sauvé

Meal Plan & Content Development

Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Chef obsessed with making healthy food great.

Our Manifesto


We love our bodies.

We are grateful for their strength.

We are proud of how we nourish them.

We believe that eating healthy is simple and fun, not a chore or burden.

We fuel our bodies with real food, not so we can achieve some idealistic body type, but so that we can be strong — mind, body and soul, for ourselves and the ones we love.

We don't diet.

We don't count calories.

We don't restrict.

We don't believe in quick fixes.

We believe in health at any size.

We believe in treating ourselves.

We believe in the pleasure of eating.

We believe in the art of preparing our own food.

Living That Clean Life goes far beyond food.

It's about a journey.

It's about an incredible, supportive community.

It's about feeling strong and empowered.

It's about simplicity and fun.

We love our bodies.

We are grateful for their strength.

We are proud of how we nourish them.

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Eat clean. Feel awesome.

Yup. It’s that easy. Welcome to #thatcleanlife.

Eat clean. Feel awesome.

Yup. It’s that easy. Welcome to #thatcleanlife.