Our mission is to help you make eating healthy simple and fun

So you can feel incredible in your body, once and for all.

The Squad

A small but mighty team based in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

We want to create a world where cooking a nourishing meal at home is just as exciting as going out to your favourite restaurant. Since launching in January 2015, we've helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world feel awesome about the food they are putting in their bodies.

Whether you are an individual meal planning for yourself, a parent meal planning for your family, or a wellness professional building meal plans for your clients and community, your success means everything to us. We're here for you every step of the way.


Abigail Hopkins


A former Registered Nurse and Culinary Nutrition Expert getting people on the path to better health.


Christopher Hopkins


Software Engineer. Spends most of the day typing.


LeChing Vuong

Recipe & Content Development

Registered Nurse and the scatterbrain behind Maude + Phyllis.


Ashley Sauvé

Meal Plan & Content Development

Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Chef obsessed with making healthy food great.

Our Manifesto


We love our bodies.

We are grateful for their strength.

We are proud of how we nourish them.

We believe that eating healthy is simple and fun, not a chore or burden.

We fuel our bodies with real food, not so we can achieve some idealistic body type, but so that we can be strong — mind, body and soul, for ourselves and the ones we love.

We don't diet.

We don't count calories.

We don't restrict.

We don't believe in quick fixes.

We believe in health at any size.

We believe in treating ourselves.

We believe in the pleasure of eating.

We believe in the art of preparing our own food.

Living That Clean Life goes far beyond food.

It's about a journey.

It's about an incredible, supportive community.

It's about feeling strong and empowered.

It's about simplicity and fun.

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Eat clean. Feel awesome.

Yup. It’s that easy. Welcome to #thatcleanlife.

Eat clean. Feel awesome.

Yup. It’s that easy. Welcome to #thatcleanlife.