I'm Abigail.

I help people look and feel their best through eating clean.

My e-books will teach you how to eat clean with delicious meal plans, itemized grocery lists, recipes, photos and tips on living #thatcleanlife.

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Back on Track

A 1-week clean eating challenge to get you back on track after a glorious summer.

Between barbecues, cottage weekends, wedding season and patio drinks it sure is difficult to stick to health goals in the summer time. Don’t fret! This 1-week long challenge is designed to help you take control and fuel your body with clean and delicious food.

Summer Dinner Party

A delicious and clean summer dinner party menu including all the best flavours of summer.

This is a 5-course menu to guide you in hosting a delicious dinner party while still keeping it healthy and clean.

This menu focuses on all the delicious flavours of summer. Think garden-fresh basil, ripe tomatoes, spicy barbecued chicken, tropical pineapple, juicy watermelon, Ontario peaches, coconut ice cream, organic wine and all-natural, ice-cold beer.

Project Beach Body

A two week guide to cleaning up that beach body for summer.

With the lazy hazy days of summer just around the corner, it’s time to prepare to look and feel your best. This is a two week program designed to get your body cleaned up from the inside out. This program contains two 5-day clean eating meal plans with one day per week to use up your leftovers and one free day per week to use whenever you’d like.

People are saying...

  • I love the entire concept of That Clean Life. None of the recipes were overly difficult, and I always felt full and very satisfied (because they were so delicious!). Plus, I learned so much about how to cook clean, and what it means to REALLY eat clean. It is knowledge that I'll have with me for the rest of my life!
  • Easy and delicious recipes!! I never used to cook and now I do. My skin is clearer and I feel great!
  • Project Beach Body is awesome. Even my boyfriend who was dead against doing the challenge loved it and looked forward to the next day's meals! Thank you!
  • We really loved loved the program! We love to cook but sometimes it is time consuming to look up recipes that will be good for our bodies but also delicious. This plan really worked for our busy lifestyle. Thank you so much! So happy this was recommended to us!
  • Project Beach Body gave me the chance to challenge myself for two weeks to strictly follow a meal plan and I am so excited to say I was SUCESSFUL! Yes it was two weeks of strict clean eating but more importantly your guidance, advice and encouragement has enabled me to make clean choices that can be easily translated into the rest of my life.

Spring Break Detox

A 6-day clean eating detox

Is your life in shambles after spring break? Let’s clean it up with another 6-day eat clean challenge. I’ll provide the meal plan, grocery list and recipes with photos. You make the commitment. Let’s do this!

People are saying...

  • I’m so looking forward to the March challenge! It’s awesome to have someone else plan your week and decide what you’re eating when you have a family of 5 and they always rely on you to decide what’s for supper. It’s like a mini vacation!
    — Melissa

Love Your Heart

A 6-day guide to loving yourself through shopping, cooking, and eating clean.

This 63 page e-book is the ultimate guide to eating clean. It comes with an easy-to-follow 6-day clean eating meal plan, an itemized grocery list, all new delicious recipes with photos and tips on eating clean. It is designed to make you feel absolutely incredible on the inside and out. This e-book contains everything you need to take control of your eating habits and start fueling your body with real, clean foods. It just might change your life!

Please note that this is a refreshed version of the February 2014 Challenge.

People are saying...

  • I loved the food and how simple everything was! Having pre-planned meals and a grocery list was a DREAM!
    — Melissa
  • I almost always feel bloated and while following this plan I felt so comfortable. Mentally, i felt good too because I knew I was doing something for ME. I lost 3.5 lbs too, which I was not aiming to do. Bonus!
    — Kristen
  • I finally made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to your plan!
    — Meg
  • Honestly, I loved doing this. I even sat next to a bowl of chips yesterday and didn’t even feel like eating any!
    — Sylvia
  • Thanks for an awesome week! Anyone who says they can’t do it is fooling themselves. It couldn’t have been easier than this. Thanks a bunch!
    — Billy Joe

Fresh Start

The ultimate guide to starting fresh with 6-days of eating clean.

Stuck in a rut? Ready to turn your health around? This e-book is designed to help you start fresh by taking control of your eating habits once and for all. The plan comes with an easy-to-follow 6-day clean eating meal plan, an itemized grocery list, all new delicious recipes with photos and tips on eating clean. It is designed to make you feel absolutely incredible on the inside and out. You give me just six days and I’ll give you a fresh start.

Please note that this is a refreshed version of the January 2014 Challenge. It does include two new bonus recipes.

People are saying...

  • Thank you so much for such an awesome challenge. Having it all thought out already and just having to follow along made it so easy to do. Now I don’t even want any bad food. And the 4lbs lost is a nice bonus!
    — Natalie
  • I can’t believe that I went through 6 days of eating delicious whole foods and loved every minute of it. This is from someone who has never really given ‘getting healthy’ more than a fleeting thought. Abigail’s grocery list and meal plans were so well laid out, I was able to get on the challenge and stay with it without a hitch.
    — Farid
  • The plan left me with lots of energy, feeling lighter and my skin and digestion really improved. I was even down 4 lbs!
    — Caitlin
  • The shopping list in Abigail’s meal plan takes away every last excuse to not eat healthy. I love that her meals were super quick to make as not every day do I have hours to dedicate to cooking
    — Katelynn