Powerful, flexible and fun

One size does not fit all. We've made it super simple for you to build and customize meal plans that are perfect for your clients.

Adjustable Serving Sizes

One size doesn't fit all. We've made it super easy to scale the serving size of any meal up or down to suit your client's needs. We'll even update your grocery list automatically


Save your clients time and money by using leftovers. Have them cook once, and add the meal to their plan again later on in the week, marking it as a leftover. The grocery list is smart enough not to include leftovers so your client never buys more than what they need.

Simple Drag n' Drop

If you change your mind about a meal, or your client's schedule changes, easily drag n' drop any meal to another slot on the Planner. Give it a try, it's pretty fun!

Side Dishes

We've made it easy for you to add a side dish to go alongside any main on your client's plan. Whether you want them to have a smoothie with breakfast or some extra protein after their workout, sides are super helpful.

Customizable Labels

Whether your client likes to have a snack before breakfast, or you would like to start their plan on a Tuesday, the Planner is flexible to any lifestyle and schedule.

Adjustable Portions

Sometimes one portion of a meal just isn't enough! Our adjustable portions allow you to indicate when to enjoy more than one single portion of a meal.

Nutrition Insights

Easily view daily nutrition values directly in your Planner. We even update these daily nutrition values for you in real-time as you make adjustments to your plan, to make balancing macros and reaching caloric needs a breeze.

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